2. Captain Zap


In the 70’s the Ian Murphy was active in, and repeatedly arrested for: shoplifting, vandalism, and petty theft (mostly at Radio Shack), however; his parents position in the community allowed them to protect him from prosecution. In 1981 he was found guilty of felony fraud and theft. Simply put, he was having high school students steal computer equipment for him. He would them remove the serial numbers and “fence” or sell the stolen equipment. He was eventually caught, convicted, and spent considerable time in prison and/or on probation. Ian claims to have “been the first convicted hacker“, and the “first hacker ever convicted of a crime” (which is of course blatantly false). His felony convictions had nothing to do with hacking, but instead felony theft and felony fraud. He has repeatedly tried to capitalize on his felony (and other) convictions. Since most people neglect to verify his claims they take him at face value and falsely believe him to be some kind of hacker or security expert.

Ian A. Murphy is nothing more than a middle aged convicted felon, con artist and petty thief with a long history of running scams. He has virtually no technical skills (which should be obvious), no formal education, no computer training, and no security training. He knows just enough computer lingo and jargon to baffle his audience (provided they lack a technical background). He claims to have been employed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as a member of a covert assassination team, and also claims to have been a Navy SEAL. Subject claims to have been taught information warfare by the National Security Agency (NSA). His tradecraft is very poor, and the official records indicate that his claims are totally false. Official government documents indicate that he was never an employee, nor a contractor. It should be mentioned that the subject has been committed to psychiatric facilities several times for “being delusional”.

Official Navy documents indicate that the subject enlisted for duty on 6/27/74 in Philadelphia, PA. However, he never made it through boot camp at Great Lakes Naval Training Center. Ian was thrown out after several weeks, and listed as “unsuitable for military service“. Officially since he never graduated from Boot Camp the Navy never offered him any type of job. He was given an General Discharge (which is bad news), and was never given any awards or decorations. The Navy confiscated all uniforms, clothes, and equipment from him and literally tossed him out with only the clothes on his back, and a one way bus ticket home. Navy records indicated the he was a high school drop out with no technical training. Despite what Ian has repeatedly claimed, he was never a Navy SEAL, never a Green Beret, Ranger, Spec Ops, etc.

Ian has also claimed on numerous occasions, to multiple people, and on a printed resume he was passing around in 1996 that he is a retired Navy SEAL, that he is a CIA Agent, a covert operative, claims he was awarded two Congressional Medal of Honor, a Silver Star, numerous purple hearts, and so on. The only problem is that he was only in the Navy long enough for them to toss him out during the first two weeks of boot camp.

He knows how to pretend, is a fluent liar, and easily cons those victims who take him at face value. If the scam victim had performed even the slightest due diligence they would have found that the subject had used a bogus address and business name. The subject has a long history of computer and Internet fraud, and commonly sets up multiple bogus accounts with an ISP (often using a stolen credit card or check). He will then run up hundred of dollars in charges and never pay a penny on the account.

One of his favorite scams is to contact an attorney or private investigator, and engage them for some type of investigative or harassment project. Of course the victims never see a penny from the subject, and will usually just write it off as bad debt (even though it involves thousands of dollars). More often then not, he will go to an attorney and beg them to take his harassment case on a Pro Bono basis, if the attorney agrees to represent him they get a tough lesson on dealing with an out of control felon and mental patient and end up quickly dropping him as a client before they get officially sanctioned for misconduct or terrorized by Murphy when they refuse to break the law.

The victim will usually opt not to sue Ian or pursue criminal fraud charges as security people tend to be really upset when THEY are the con victim. If the victim tries to pursue the matter Ian will then attempt blackmail and will threaten to make public how easy it was to con them (which could be bad for the victims business).

Ian Murphy has a history of making terroristic threats including specific threats to sabotage and blow up a Nuclear Power Plant, and has a history of threatening and attempting arson. He has also threatened to kill federal law enforcement officers (FBI and Secret Service). Subject has made numerous bomb threats, and has made comments regarding his proficiency with and access to high explosives (stolen from a coal mine). Subject also has a history of making bomb, burglary, murder and arson threats.

The subject is fearful of the police, and of the judicial system (due to his numerous arrests, criminal convictions, and periods of being institutionalized). While he does exhibit tremendous “fear of the law” he also has a history of abusing law enforcement officials (who generally consider him a crank and crackpot). Many law enforcement agencies in the Philadelphia area and Tampa, Florida actually have special coffee mugs for him to use as he visits so often (usually complaining about Covert Conspiracies, UFO’s, CIA Buggings, Alien Implants, Alien Abductions, or whatever else strikes his fancy that day).

He has a history of fabricating wild (and delusional) claims and accusations. Often he will threaten lawsuits, and legal action or will forge court document to try to scare a victims. His threats are those commonly used by career criminals. He is big on threats, but nothing actually happens.

Ian Murphy has a serious pathology which lends itself to violence (mostly against women and young girls), and has been arrested numerous time for assault and domestic violence. He has a long history of yelling and screaming (like a four year old) when he doesn’t get his way, and will often resort to physical violence after one of his “screaming fits”.