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The Rootkid is an ethical hacker who came to attention in Feb 2011 after attacking the websites of the Egyptian Ministry of Information and the ruling National Democratic Party while the Egyptian revolution events which took place following a popular uprising that began on 25 January 2011 in Cairo, with the help of a Moroccan hacker who calls himself “gor!illa“, The Rootkid shut down those websites and their local networks as a kind of support to the Egyptian protesters and (as he claimed) as a reply to the Egyptian government that cut off all Internet service in the country to prevent protesters to communicate with each other.

Hours after the government in Egypt shut down that country’s access to the Internet, The Rootkid with help of some hackers around the world started banding together to craft some kind of work-around. they helped in shipping software into Egypt that could turn regular laptops into low-cost Internet routers, forming what’s known as a “mesh network,” where each computer can route messages along to the others.

The Rootkid real name is still unknown, he is one of the Egyptian protesters who participated in the Egyptian uprising, he calls himself “The artist of system penetration“, the Internet has many proof of concepts on major zero day exploits for Windows, Mac and some Linux OS written by him, he is known among his friends who seemed to know him personally as “The Scientist” or “Mega Mind” as they left many anonymous comments on his blog (which was created just after the Egyptian government restored the Internet service) calling him by these names, they also referred to his attacks on hundreds of Egyptian famous politicians although nothing has been legally reported.

On his Blog, he threatened the former Egyptian government along with the members of the former National Democratic Party, he wrote a title on his blog “I can penetrate the most secured network in this country in less than 15 minutes and any personal computer in just 3 seconds“, The Rootkid posted many technical papers on his newly invented penetration system that hovers over hundreds of thousands of computers everyday with data mining software attached that can recognize the politicians that are involved in dirty work, he released many technical papers on his new system along with many proof of concepts of major exploits of windows XP, Vista & 7 OS, the idea of breaking into hundreds of thousands of personal computers everyday in an automated way is hard to believe, but his proven skills in penetrating more than 17000 strongly protected computers with various servers and local networks and keeping them offline until President Hosni Mubarak stepped down brings the idea of the auto-penetration system into reality,  The above image is the logo he used to replace the content of some of the attacked servers, meanwhile the Blog was closed by him to preserve his confidentiality

Rated as an ethical hacker, The Rootkid hacks never involved any kind of money or information theft, all hacks and activities were performed to stop political events, threaten political hypocrites and criminals (as he described them), help protesters, and achieve political purposes.